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Undergraduate program of Law


As an alternative to the traditional L.L.B. in law, the program will offer an additional opportunity for the undergraduate study in law since the 102 academic year. Applications for entry to this program can be made through two ways: recommendation selection and examination. To gain the degree, this program requires students to complete 128 credits from courses. The graduate is qualified to attend the national examinations for practicing law.



The goal of this program is to offer an environment of interdisciplinary education where students can explore the many ways law intersects with other fields. That is, this program is suitable for a law student who wishes to study the law at university level but also wishes to gain the knowledge of another discipline at university level. On the other hand, it is also a very attractive conversion course for students from different backgrounds who wish to pursue a career as a lawyer.


The future for graduates

Having passed all undergraduate courses during the first three years, students, if wish, then have the opportunity in their fourth year of this program to start the postgraduate study in law in advance.

Besides, students graduated from this program can either go on to pursue a higher education in Taiwan or abroad, or choose to practice as lawyers through attending national examinations. Not just in the field of law, career options are also open to the graduates to undertake law-related jobs in a wide range of fields such as legal advisors to private companies, diplomats.